Simple Dice Game - Error with Variable within an Instantiated Game Object (Prefab) - CS0118 and CS0119 Errors

Hello Unity Community! Trying to make a simple dice rolling game with two players.

I have an empty game object with the PlayerSetup class attached. The purpose of this script is to create a prefab for each player (2). The prefab has a class attached (as a component) called PlayerDice - within this script it calls the DiceRoll class for each dice that is rolled.

What I am trying to do is pass a value through to the PlayerDice class and change the value of the numDice for each prefab. However, it throws me two errors:

Assets/Scripts/PlayerSetup.cs(31,32): error CS0118: 'PlayerDice' is a 'type' but a 'variable' was expected

Assets/Scripts/PlayerSetup.cs(31,32): error CS0119: Expression denotes a 'type', where a 'variable', 'value' or 'method group' was expected

So clearly something is wrong, I just don’t know what. Any thoughts/help? (Below is my code snippets

public class PlayerSetup : MonoBehaviour {

    Dictionary<string, int> _PlayerSetup = new Dictionary<string, int>();

    public Rigidbody playerPrefab;

    void Start () {
        //Player Setup
        _PlayerSetup.Add("Chad", 4);
        _PlayerSetup.Add("Bill", 4);

        //Position is not necessary, just doing it for fun
        float x = 5;
        float z = 5;

        //Cycle through the dictionary of players, create them off a prefab
        foreach (KeyValuePair<string, int> item in _PlayerSetup)

            Rigidbody playerInstance;

            playerInstance = Instantiate(playerPrefab);
   = item.Key;
            playerInstance.GetComponentInChildren<TextMesh>().text = item.Key;
            playerInstance.transform.position = new Vector3(x, .5f, z);
			playerInstance.GetComponent(PlayerDice).numDice = item.Value;
            x = Random.Range(-5, 5);
            z = Random.Range(-5, 5);

public class PlayerDice : MonoBehaviour {

	public int numDice = 1;
    Dictionary<string, List<int>> _PlayerResults = new Dictionary<string, List<int>>();

    void Start()
        //Create a new dice roll
		var dice = gameObject.AddComponent<DiceRoll>();
        var diceResults = new List<int>();
        int num = 0;
        int x = 0;

		//Rolls a 6 sided dice for each number of dice the player has, stores it into an array
        while (num < numDice)
            x = dice.RollDice(6);
            Debug.Log("Dice roll: " + diceResults[num]);
        Debug.Log("Highest Roll: " + diceResults.Max());
		//NOTimplemented yet - I need to pass the item.Key (player name) value through...
		//_PlayerResults.Add(item.Key, diceResults);

public class DiceRoll : MonoBehaviour {

    public int RollDice(int diceSides)
        int result = Random.Range(1, diceSides - 1);
        return result;

In your PlayerSetup class, try this :

playerInstance.GetComponent<PlayerDice>().numDice = item.Value;

instead of this:

playerInstance.GetComponent(PlayerDice).numDice = item.Value;

That worked, thanks much! Happy thanksgiving.