Simple Easy Networking using Wireless Internet

I am a student at tech high school and for a project we are trying to build a networked game in unity. we started out trying to make an mmo but then decided we could settle for something a little less ambitious. Before you say i didn’t look hard enough, i have been looking for 2 weeks and havent found anything simple that works and explains in detail what exactly i have to do. Basically i just need a clear way to network between 2 computers so that 1 is the server and the other is the client using the wireless internet. the more detailed the better since i am a beginner programmer.

As long as your machines are connected to the same network (including the internet), all you need to do to connect them together is the IP address and port of your server (NAT could pose a problem if your server machine is behind a router with no public IP address and proper DMZ setup while trying to access it via the internet, but it shouldn’t matter for local network).

Calling Network.InitializeServer will make one machine the server, while calling Network.Connect on the other machines (providing the correct IP and port of course) will make them the clients and connect them to the server. It’s as simple as that, wireless network or not.

To make sure you know which is which you can use a simple script with a GUI label set to display the Network.PeerType.