Simple game lags while in editor but runs fine when build

I’m making a simple 2d game, a roguelike, turn based, so far there isn’t much going on, only a player object, a random dungeon generator (that builds a small and simples 8x8tile room), and some enemies that work with a very basic random walk AI
The game was lagging alot when I tested it in the editor, and the profiler showed some problems with Instantiate.Awake, GFX.WaitForPresent and EarlyUpdate, even after a google seached and some settings changed, the game kept laggin in the editor
so I build it to see if the problem would continue, but it worked fine, no lags, it ran smoothly
Anybody can help me? please

are you debug logging? the string operations used in debug.log can be deceptively resource hungry. also i’d suggest you try to use the profiler to identify the specific problem.