Simple game networking solution

I am new to networking and see that with UNET being depreciated, it is far from obvious which solution to use.

In my particular case i have a very simple mobile app like Bomberman where the players can be on one of about 400 tiles and there are a few power ups to keep track of and that is all.

I am not too concerned about cheating in this casual game (although i would prefer if there was none). I am far more concerned about the players being able to self-host so if the game makes no money, it can still be played.
I think i am right in saying the new official Unity solution will require dedicated servers by default so it probably is not right for me.

Which leaves me with the question of what is recommend for a simple self-hosted network solution?

well, UNET is. For what UNET is, or will stay like that for how long you going a computer that runs a unity version with it in it.
the support for it is long gone (I know from a lot of unanswered bug reports).
if the game is that simple, why not.


You are going to want to check out Tom Weiland’s Networking Tutorial Series on YouTube. This will get you up and running in a 3D Environment across a network.

The project is such that you could adjust it to a 2D game as well.

The tutorial took me a while to get through (about a week) but well worth your time for 101 handling stuff over a network.

Also - I will continue to shamelessly pimping this video on every thread I see where there are few answers on networking.

I agree with the original poster. It seems like all of the networking solutions out there require you to write code. I understand that coding is part of it, but if we ALL know we’re ALL sending the SAME data (Transform position and rotation) why can’t someone write something simple with a Client Component script with will just send and receive the transform and just work.

I’ve got a racing game, and I want to allow multiplayer racing (on my LAN). I don’t think I can just send and receive the position and rotation because I need the rigidbody for collisions.

I just wish I could add a networking component to my cars and have it work. If anyone knows of such an asset (or wants to build one), please let me know!