Simple grass

How to get this kind of grass, with or without the terrain?
alt text

Well Unity is already equipped with some basic grass assets. Head to the Assets menu at the top, then import assets, then one of them should be grass or other nature related asset which would have grass in them.

I’m assuming the picture is not a 3D game, but to get grass with a wanted texture, simple make a “simple” grass texture or download one. When you have the texture, you want to export it into Unity, (by dragging it into the assets) then you need a Terrain. Press the Terrain object, and select the flower icon in the inspector. Now you can paint grass. To add the grass texture, you want to click Edit Details>Add Grass Detail. Then select the texture. Press “Add”, and now select the texture. Now you can paint the grass. Hoped this helped.

Hi @ExtremePowers :
Maybe a late answer for you but this is how i made grass like that.
This type of shading is called Toon, maybe the pic is Cel Shaded.
Anyway, i made the grass looking like the pic by using a white grass texture, and then, in unity terrain editor, creating a new grass, adding the white one (you can download a grass alpha texture and decolore it) and setting the same color, in the option on the bottom. THE SAME COLOR. I used a soft green, a bit decolored, and setting to NOT BILLBOARD.
And its done, with that, and seeting your main camera rendering mode to deferred (i am talking about unity 5, actual version is 5.6).
Hope that helps!!