Simple GUI for walkthrough on mobile phone

Hello everyone.
Few years ago I made a simple walkthrough with several models, terrain with a few plants, capsule as FPS model. On capsule I hooked Main Camera and a few scripts (MouseLook.cs, FPSInputController, after that CharacterMotor and a CharacterController are automatically added).
It works great in a web player but now I would like to port that to Android platform.
On phone there is no mouse and keyboard, I need a simple GUI. I’ve been looking at docs, forum and questions but I have not found anything that help me. This is closest (
I would like controls for left, right, forward, and possibly for back and jump.
Thanks for help.


None. Somebody could write me that in Standard Assets (Mobile) there is a bunch of good scripts from Penelope Complete Project (Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making). Import asset, see Control Setups with scenes, I used and modify FirstPersonSetup with attached scripts FirstPersonControl and Joystick.
Don’t forget to include code for quit with phone back button at the end of FirstPersonControl script.

		// Rotate the character around world-y using x-axis of joystick
		thisTransform.Rotate( 0, camRotation.x, 0, Space.World );
		// Rotate only the camera with y-axis input
		cameraPivot.Rotate( -camRotation.y, 0, 0 );
	// back button for quit -new code
	    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape))

Could you help me, please? I just want to know how you did it because
Unity 5 is now working with UI instead of GUI

I think some scripts had changed too :confused: