Simple iOS Build

I just need a simple tutorial on getting a test build to an iOS device; please. I’ve wasted an hour trying to see the accelerometer readings on my iPod Touch. I can build it, just can’t get to the device…at all…and I can’t really design/code this idea until I see how the accelerometer variable reads in real time.

If you have XCode set up correctly, then from Unity a Build and Run should get the game running on the device. If this does not work, then it’ll help to know what errors/warnings you get from XCode. You will need to have a provisioning profile to allow XCode to generate an executable that can run on your iPod Touch. If you have an Apple iOS Developer license then you should be able to get XCode to create a provisioning profile for you. (XCode will talk to Apple servers, upload the device id of your touch, install the necessary certificates and then fetch the provisioning profile which ties these things together.)

I know this is not a tutorial… This is more Apple’s domain than Unity’s.