Simple Leaderboad

I’ve set up a leaderboard UI in my mobile game. (Android, iOS). It has tabs to show/hide scores that used different settings and shows only the top 10 scores of whatever settings are selected. If the user’s score is greater than the lowest of the top 10 that played with the same settings, they’ll be prompted to enter a name (max 12 chars).

All I need now is somewhere to store 180 uint64s, bytes, and char[12]s. Just a very simple database.

I looked into using Google’s leaderboard service, but it’s needlessly complicated and wants to shove its own UI in there (something I was going to figure out how to bypass after setting it up). I set up 18 separate leaderboards (replacing that byte column, as there are 18 possible combinations of settings), but can’t figure out a simple way to set it up as there are no code samples anywhere that I can find to reference on how to interact with it. I know I’d need to set Social.Active to something, but what?

Is there a better option for what I’m trying to do?

Have you looked at CloudOnce 2?