Simple lighting for a grid based world

I’m working on a grid based game, where each cell is drawn as separate object using prefabs for the various floor types.

I’m planning to store a light value for each cell. Any object drawn on that cell should be lit based on this value (so the floor, plus anything else with it).

What would be the best approach? I’m wondering if its a job for shaders, but I’ve no experience here so if so any pointers would be helpful.

Edit: Simple lighting map produces and stores a value per grid cell. Minimum of one game object per cell, some cells will have a couple more objects. I’d like each object to honour this value, no Unity lighting to be used.

Edit2: Vertex colors seemed to work best so thats what I’m using:


If the number of cells is large and you are targeting mobile, then you will have issues. Any time you make a change from the original material settings, a new material instance is produced. This means that your objects will no longer batch. Consider using vertex colors instead. I’m not sure what part of the problem you are looking to solve. For more information on color, see this answer: