Simple math always returns 0

Hello all, I’m trying to do some simple math in a script and then output those numbers. However, the value that is output is always 0 for some reason.

I’ve triple checked the math and there seems to be no problem with it so I am stumped. Below is the code.

float carMaxRPM = 8000f;
int numberOfPoints = 20;
List<float> listOfPoints;

void CalcPoints(){
for (int i = 0; numberOfPoints > i; i++)
                //RPM point is generated based on amount of points for the graph.
                var rpmPoint = carMaxRPM * (i / numberOfPoints);

Any help? I’ve also tried using Mathf.Lerp(0, carMaxRPM, i/numberOfPoints); but it still returns 0, so I feel I’m doing something very wrong.

The problem is that your code is performing an integer division, rather than floating point division (see here for details). As a result, when you’re dividing (i / numberOfPoints), it’s going to round down to 0, which is why you’re getting zero. You can force it to perform floating point division by adding “(float)” in front of your division:

var rpmPoint = carMaxRPM * ((float)i / numberOfPoints);