Simple Multiplayer Animation Question

Hello unity community iv made a little multiplayer game, my problem is that the other player cannot see my players animation, but i can?? and same with the other player, iv been trying to solve this for 4 straigt hour.

Anyways everything but THAT! works just fine.

can you guys help me?? Heres the AnimationScript:

#pragma strict

private var Soldier : Transform;
var animon = false;

function Start () {
Soldier = transform.FindChild("soldierNoScript");   
if(networkView.isMine == true)
		animon = true;

function Update () {   
	if (Input.GetAxis("Vertical") ||Input.GetAxis("Horizontal")){     
	if (animon == true){
	Soldier.animation.CrossFade ("soldierWalk");   
	Soldier.animation.CrossFade ("soldierIdle");

Thanks in advance Guys ^^

ok What you need to do is add a NetworkView component to the soldier and set its State Synchronization to Reliable Delta , and Observed to the animation component in the soldier .
If you use mecanim then set one to view the animator and one to view the animation ,although i believe all u need is the animation one …any ways ,you find this under Components/Miscellaneous/NetworkView

Good Luck:D

…ohhh a litle tip …if your animation is located within the parent as a child u can right click the inspector tab and lock it…this allows you to open another inspector and still be able to drag and drop the animation component into “observed”