Simple multiplayer?

I want to create a multiplayer option that would work like this:

  1. One player creates a server in the game.
  2. The other player presses a Connect button that lets them input the IP address of the computer of the person who made the server, then the two connect.

I have a simple game that has one character running around collecting carrots and killing zombies. I have a title screen scene and a “forest scene” where the game is played. Can you help or do you know of any tutorials? I tried using this one: Learning Networking Tutorial, but I immediately got stuck when it asked for the listen port in the “Initialize Server” method.

Hello there, try my tutorial!

This tutorial is a simple tutorial on how to make a game like SideStep, and if you want to try SideStep go here

  • Felipe

I’ve worked through this one

You dont actually need an iphone. I just changed a line in the controls and elsewhere deleted any lines that said “iphone” in them.