Simple path editor

Hello, I am struggling with this, but I don’t know how to do it.
I can make every single step working on its own but not all together.

I would like to make a simple path editor to draw paths by single points.

I need to be able to save multiple paths.

I can create an array of gameobject/transforms, but I would like to save the array as an array of vector3 in a scriptable object for performance reasons and being able later to:

  • recall it to modify it in my custom editor
  • load it as a path in my game for a game object

If I drag and drop transforms on vector3 it does not work.

Another question is: is it better to make this editor in a new scene on its own so that I can exclude it when I compile my game?

Thank you

Hi @camillo777 , I needed something similar and ended working with bezier splines and it worked like a charm.

Check this tutorial: Curves and Splines, a Unity C# Tutorial

By Using that and modifying some small things I had my path editor working without any problem.