Simple Prefab Instantiate "(Clone)" Question

Is it possible to remove the “(Clone)” thingy that Unity adds to the GameObject name when i spawn a prefab?

just set the name property of the object returned from Instantiate, like this…

var obj=Instantiate(myPrefab,pos,rot);"NewName";

You can use some Unityscript string functions to eliminate the (Clone) string

    var obj = Instantiate(objPrefab, position, rotation); // create the object...
    var pos ="("); // find the left parenthesis position... =, pos); // and get only the substring before it

Had the following problem with the substring renaming. Dunno why it but permanently changed my prefab name, in such a way that didn’t make sense, and wouldn’t let me rename. I had to delete all my instances and recreate so they’d remain connected to the prefab… Now I’m afraid to assign names… Using latest Unity.