Simple primative stretching

Is there a way for me to create a primitive, like a cylinder, then stretch just one of the ends effectively making the entire object longer, while maintaining the same base?

If for example I wanted to create a hose, where clicking a button resulted in the hose going linger or shorter.

Sorry, I'm a noob. I can't seem to find the basics of object manipulation beyond position and scale.

Yes. You could scale in one dimension. You just need to model with the right pivot point (local origin). The Unity cylinder, for example, has its pivot point in its center of mass. That of course doesn't give you the result you want. You'll need to model a cylinder with its pivot point at its base, instead.

I found my own answer after some hard searching! Turns out that Unity does not offer this ability from within the editor...I'm really not certain why as this seems like a very basic part of a 3D game engine, but what do I know...I'm a noob to this :).

Anyway, it turns out this guy "VoxelBoy" wrote an addin which handles this exactly like I would expect.

His page is here:

It only took me about 5 seconds to get it installed and configured!