simple question about animation


I work with different type of animation with the animation tab in unity 3d. i can easly make it loop with the option buit in. but can i make an animation loop when i import it from maya or max. for exemple i have a bounce ball animation made with 3ds max. i import animation in unity and it work fine but i can't make it loop. the loop option dosn't work. can i make it. thanks

Thank you for your Help. I found the answer of my question. The script should be like this ;

function Start() { animation.wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop; animation.Play(); }

and it work fine.

You either need to set the animation to loop in the modelling program, or you need to use a script to set the "loop" flag in Unity manually. For the simple case (only one animation for the object, and have it play automatically), you can use:

function Start(){

I would imagine it should be possible to set the loop-flag of the animation in the import settings in the inspector, and re-import the model, but I don't know about that.