simple question how to state a float rounded off?

there must be an easy way to state a number rounded off to a certain number of digits after the decimal point?

var numbertoround:float;


if (numbertoround==5){i want stuff to happen here!}

if(Math.floor(numbertoround) == 5) {

something along those lines. syntax is prolly off a bit.

You can also use:

(float)System.Math.Round(number, 3);

Reading that you are looking for Vector3s I would create an ExtensionMethods class with the following:

Vector3 Round(this Vector3 v3) { return new Vector3(Mathf.Round(v3.x), Mathf.Round(v3.y), Mathf.Round(v3.z)); }
Vector3 Floor(this Vector3 v3) { return new Vector3(Mathf.Floor(v3.x), Mathf.Floor(v3.y), Mathf.Floor(v3.z)); }
Vector3 Ceil(this Vector3 v3) { return new Vector3(Mathf.Ceil(v3.x), Mathf.Ceil(v3.y), Mathf.Ceil(v3.z)); }

then add a using statement to that class to whatever classes need to be able to use these extensions. Then you can run:

if(MyVec3.Round().x == 5)
 // Your Code