Simple question

Im learning C# through a tutorial and the tutorial doesn’t explain this :

private const float
 hoursToDegrees = 360f / 12f,
 minutesToDegrees = 360f / 60f,
 secondsToDegrees = 360f / 60f;

What are those f’s mean after each number?

And… does Private const float , is the same as : private var const : float;?
im trying to get the diffrents between javascript and C#

The f is placed after a floating point number in C# to differentiate it from a ‘double’ number (double is a double precision floating point number). (So 5.0 = double, 5.0f = float.)

As for the constant, I haven’t done those in JavaScript, but I imagine that’s the same. It’s basically a number that doesn’t change during runtime, and sort of acts like a static - you can access it without a class reference from anywhere. (Though, not that one because it’s private).