Simple UI not appearing once deployed to iOS (4.6.2)

I’ve tried everything I can think of to simply set up a primitive UI on Unity 4.6. I’ve followed every tutorial and read the doc’s twice through. Unfortunately, I can’t get my Canvas to appear once deployed to iOS.

I’ve placed a few filler buttons in a Panel within a canvas and set the Canvas to ‘Screen Space - Overlay.’ The canvas renders fine in Play Mode, and all buttons appear where they should at every resolution I test.

Once I deploy it to my iOS device, though, no combinations of settings have ever shown the UI.

Here are my Canvas settings and what I see in Play Mode:

And here’s what it looks like on the iOS device. No UI:


What might I be missing? I only have one camera, and it is set to ‘Culling Mask’ everything and ‘Layer’ Default. Or is this a bug in 4.6’s deployment to iOS? I’m pulling my hair out here…

Uninstalling Unity and installing 4.6.3 resolved the issue.