Simple Walking/Running Script

I just now got started with Unity, and script is killing me. I’m trying to find a simple script that where I can assign a “Run” button.
I’m aware of the FPSWalker, but it includes a bunch of unnecessary things I don’t want.
Can anybody help me out here?

Take a look at Input Manager. What you can do is setup a series of keyBinds that you access by calling:

InputManager.GetKey( keyBindName );

The cool thing is that it doesn’t matter what the actual key that it’s set to check for, and you can let the player change it anytime they want.

I’m working on updates for it that make it easier to make multiplayer games and AI scripts that control actors that are also player controllable.

If you don’t need some of the features offered; Turn them off or delete the files associated with them.

Hope this has helped.