Simple way to change data online for customers


My customer needs to get the ability to modify some values online.
Then these changes are available in the application after the release

I have already check on the web to find solution about how I can do this and which is the simpler.

I found these :

  1. Host a file (.txt, .json) on a host server.
  2. Use free cloud storage like google drive with google sheets
  3. Use some assets on the asset store.

Do you know others more simple way to change basic variable online ? in the ideal case with a special interface for the client to change value.

Thank you for your help.

Greetings friend!

As for the best of three I would host .json file on the server. Why?

  1. You don’t rely on some random numbers and strings to access values.
  2. Json files can be easly saved using JsonUtility so you can write your own data editor for the client. (he will just need to upload the file).
  3. You could deserialize jsons into whole classes
  4. File probably so small that It could be host anywhere (depends on data that needs to be stored).

Hope that helps!