Simple way to make different weapon poses?

I am currently animating my character. He will be able to hold a number of different weapons, These weapons all have slightly different sizes so the way they are held in his hands differse; A rifle would be held different than a submachine gun, and so on.

What is the best method to make the character model hold these different weapon models?

The most straightforward approach would be to make a pose for each different weapon inside the 3D modelling program and import those.

I wonder if there’s a more flexible way inside the Unity editor?
When I tried parenting the character’s hands to the weapon model the arms just get stretched with no regard for the bone structure or joints.

Try parenting the weapon to the character’s hand. :smiley:

You can also try setting positions programmatically by the type of gun…

I would look into Mechanim IK: Unity - Manual: Inverse Kinematics

This could allow you to programmatically set hand positions to where you want them on the weapon, but you probably need to use world-relative coordinates and not weapon-relative coordinates.