Simple way to reduce draw calls

hi Guys…Could any one tell me how to reduce draw calls…and one more thing for iphone how many draw calls are permitted?

well to lower your draw calls you can use methods like reusing textures(make various models share the same texture) ,or not using things like Button.GUI also script things like not calling unnecessary things in the update function also use static batching. as for the iPhone part its around "120 or 130"if you want to know more about optimization go here

You can check out my tool on the unity asset store “Poly Few” which is a complete optimization solution for Unity aimed at making high quality complex 3d scenes render efficiently. With integrated features like mesh simplification, automatic LOD generation, mesh combining and material combining, you can greatly improve the performance of your game by lowering the Polygon Count, DrawCalls and SetPass calls with a few clicks and, without the need of writing even a single line of code.