Simplest way to manage sounds + AudioMixer

I was excited about the new mixer features, but it’s turned out to complicate things… So far I’ve had a static Sound class where I load the sounds from Resources at the beginning, and can use them from anywhere with Sound.Play(AudioClip sound). The method made use of AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint. I played the sounds at, set them to 2D in the inspector, and used a static float representing master volume, but now of course I need to get rid of that and just route the sounds through the audio mixer. How can I do this with the auto-generated AudioSources that PlayClipAtPoint makes? I really don’t wanna keep track of them manually.

Ended up doing it by making a small, Monobehaviour-extending “TemporaryAudioSource” class with an Initialize function, a Play function, and an IEnumerator “DelayedDestroy” function. On initialization from the static Sound class, it adds an AudioSource to the new GameObject it’s on, sets that AudioSource’s output and clip, tells the AudioSource to play one shot, and then starts the DelayedDestroy coroutine. DelayedDestroy waits for seconds (clip length) and then destroys the whole object. The context for playing sounds remains simply Sound.Play(AudioClip sound);.