Simply, display or highlight empty game objects in Editor?

NOTE - amazing tip by Balthasar. In fact gizmo balls show in the editor EVEN WHEN NOT PLAYING, they show all the time. Incredibly handy for marking scene corners, etc.

Hey 60,000 questions came up

Imagine you have say 10 empty game objects in the editor, perhaps grouped under the one empty game object.

(You could be using them as markers, to define a river, or the like.)

Of course, if you click on one in the editor, it will show that one alone using the RGB-arrow-thingy.

I’d simply like all ten to be indicated in the Editor at the same time, in some way.

To be clear, NOT when it’s running, simply in the editor when you’re, err, editing!

Of course, if you select two (or more) empty game objects, or a “folder” of them, it just shows one only RGB-arrow-thingy at the center of the group.

I want to see each of the ten indicated.

Perhaps there’s something you can turn on, which I do not know about?

Perhaps you can run a gizmo all the time when the editor is just sitting there? Is there something that simply adds a marker for every gameObject in the scene? Some sort of “editor Scriprt” magic?

To repeat I’m simply talking about when you’re in the editor (not when you hit play)

Currently … I actually just add a small ball to each of them! heh! and programmatically delete the balls when it plays.

Caption contest: eliminate little balls

I’d write a simple gizmo-script and attach it to every object:

function OnDrawGizmos()
  Gizmos.color = Color.yellow;
  Gizmos.DrawSphere(transform.position, f1.0);