Simulate physics without rendering

Is there a way to simulate interaction between object in scene using a default Unity physics without rendering this scene? I have scene with several objects which can be placed in random positions and I need calculate in background their positions after some time according to their start coordinates.


We’d love to allow updating physics independently of world clock in the future as that would also help serving the networking needs, but there is no ready solution yet I’m afraid. As far as I’m aware, usually it’s possible to come up with a project-specific workaround. In your particular case, it might be possible to construct a copy of your scene (but w/o graphics) outside of the camera viewport and let it be simulated for some time to get the trajectories of the bodies you’re interested in. That’s one of the approaches I’ve seen used in some sports games.

Hope it helps.


Is this feature now possible with unity? Nevertheless, thanks for the advice on the camera trick.