Simulating a slide to unlock in 3d unity?

Hi there I really could use some help with this!

How would I be able to Simulate the slide to unlock feature on the iphone but not using sprites and using 3d objects?

So that once the object has slide to the side, the object (or something else) fades away. I dont really know where to start with this.

Thank you!!!

That sounds like a pretty interesting idea.

Well, you can get “input” on a 3D object if it has a collider, and a Rigidbody (in your case, you probably dont want “use gravity” turned on), and a Event Trigger component. That lets you do simple things such as click down, click up, click hold, drag, release, and so on - the same kind of stuff youd be able to do with a sprite and the mouse for the most part…

Essentially, how the Trigger Event component works in a nutshell is:
Youd create your script, make a public void function with no paramaters - for example:
public void HandleMouseHold(){}
In that, youd do your magic there.

Youd then attach that script to an object, could even be the same object you are trying to create the slide effect on.
From the Trigger Event, you can add a “MouseDown” event, and select your game object with that script on it, then you can select the script from the dropdown and the public functions attached to that script as well.

This would essentially allow you to achieve a slide effect with 3D objects.