Simulating bounce?


In my games there are spheres and boxes that collide each other and I currently use rigidbodies to achieve this but since I’m moving to mobile and I have like 80+ objects I have to fall back to using triggers and manually handle bounce.

SO how I can manually make a sphere bounce on getting collision with a box trigger?


so you have objects with colliders and rigidbodies

did you set the physics material to bouncey, or rubber

aside from this THERE IS NO MORE efficient method

the physics material accesses the physics system directly whereas the only other option is playing with the rigidbody which is a subsystem of the physics system, meaning it takes additional processing to work

the only thing i can offer is your standard optimization tips
-make texture atlases
-keep objects simple
-use as few textures as possible(going back to make an atlas)
-reduce the number of objects bouncing around
-there are some settings in the rigidbody you can change to reduce how elaborate the bouncing behaviors are.