Simulating Combat Results

I have a combat system, which is currently pretty much 1 vs 1, but AI vs AI combat. Two empty gameobjects “magically” decrease eachothers HP. No collisions amt, trying to keep it simple until this is resolved.

I’m trying to make/find a system to simulate the combat results or preview the match (which is under progress, no need to answer this), but I have no knowledge of how to approach this simulation thing neither can I find anything via Google. unity+simulate always results to something simulation/rts based results.

Any tips or straight up answers for my problem?

I guess you want something like in Total War campaign auto fight battle.

For simplicity, you count all health, damage, attack speed into a value system. And an AI will have a battle point value.

The one with more points will be more likely to win like in Chess rating system

How the algorithm or correlation data graph work. You can watch your AI battle in real time for 100 rounds then figure out a balance ratio for your simulator to work.