Simultaneous Multi-Platform Development Workflow and Best Practices

I am developing a multi-platform game (desktop/web/ios) and am running into a workflow problem: whenever I change the build target I have to wait for my assets to re-import. Audio files are particularly bad. This is causing substantial breaks in my productivity. Does anyone have any best practices to get around this?

I'm wondering why Unity doesn't save each of the target conversions so that it would only need to reimport if the asset has changed.

One reason why I'm switching targets frequently is Lightmapping which works much better in standalone mode since you get shadows which are disabled in ios. Also I want to check the playability of the build on the various platforms pretty often.

Thanks for your advice.

any news on this issue ?
i’m expereinceing the same thing.

This may not work for you depending on what your setup is but I have a separate folder, which is effectively a separate unity project, for each platform.

Use the cache server.

+1, any news on this. There appears to not even be support for platform-specific asset folders! :frowning:

Reading the Unity roadmap, they won’t address this in the future. If your time is money, then you really are a Pro user and can use the cache server or a custom build process/command line build or different development machines.