Single .exe installation

At one point (5.0.x) Unity used to be a single .exe installation file, that made installation straight forward. With Unity 5.3 I have 5 separate installations for a single deploy.

I have to deploy:






I am hoping to deploy in lab for a VR course, is there a way to deploy this all in one shot like the past?
I know I can do it as 5 separate installations but if I can avoid unnecessary work I will :slight_smile:

Thank you

I never heard of Unity requiring multiple installers. You sure you downloaded the installer from the Unity Editor Download Assistant section from the download page?

What has changed, is that you have to choose what to download during setup.


For a single user the Download Assistant works as expected, it downloads the selections you selected during setup. However, in the background it will run different installers to install additional features/code/modules. See the example below, notice how the Download Assistant will run different installers. In the past I was able to download on single .exe about (1,2GB) and get most of the default features I needed. The new way makes deployment to a lab more prone to errors. I can deal with it but I was asking if there was a way to get the old single .exe?

For example:


Installing Unity 5.3.1p4…

Execute: “C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Unity\UnitySetup64.exe” -UI=reduced /D=C:\Program Files\Unity


Installing Documentation…

Execute: “C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Unity\UnityDocumentationSetup.exe” /S /D=C:\Program Files\Unity


Installing Web Player…
Execute: “C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Unity\UnityWebPlayerDevelopment.exe” /S


Installing Standard Assets…
Execute: “C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Unity\UnityStandardAssetsSetup.exe” /S /D=C:\Program Files\Unity

Installing Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015…

Execute: “C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Unity\vs_community.exe” /passive /InstallSelectableItems /ChainingPackage Unity3d_Unity