Single letter variable names?

Hi It seems many single letters are reserved by Unity as variable or type names (and as such appear coloured in the script editor). Is there any way to find out where/how these are used.

It hasn't been a problem up until now, but I want to use 'r' as an enum type, but Unity won't allow it: error CS0841: A local variable `r' cannot be used before it is declared

Failing that, is there any way (in C#) to access enum values without having to use dot-notation (as you can in C++) ? I'm faced with typing many long switch statements that switch on an enum value, and it gets tedious having to type in MyEnum.v1 rather than just v1.

Thanks for any suggestions.

When you say that Unity won't allow it, does that mean you're getting a compiler error? If so, perhaps you could edit your post to include the error message and the line of code it refers to.

Generally speaking though, no, you shouldn't be running into symbol clashes with single-letter names in your code.