Single Scriptable Object Asset

I’m looking to create a settings file. I’m curious if there is a way to create a single instance of this in the project. I currently have it so that only one can be created and if you try to create it again it just selects the one that has already been created. The only caveat is that you can still duplicate that asset and now you have two. Does anyone have any thoughts?

You could use a static class, accessible from everywhere and no need to attach to anything.

public static class Config
    public static int Score = 9001;

Ahh, did miss the “file”. I do it here (BlinkenTiles/Assets/Scripts/Config.cs at master · InformatischesQuartett/BlinkenTiles · GitHub) by parsing a json config file. If you want it to be saved from within your game, you could just do it the other way around.

Another possibility would be PlayerPrefs: Unity - Scripting API: PlayerPrefs

If you actually want an object holding your info in the scene, check out the Toolbox: