Singleton and multiple scene data

I currently have a singleton in my project called GM.

I also have 3 scenes. I’m now using additive loading for the scenes. In scene 2, I have a manager script with a list that I’d like to access from the GM script (for saving purposes).

What would the best way to go for making this list accessable? I’ve heard many people say static is not good.

So far I’ve pinned ideas down to: make the manager script singleton, make it a static, or reference from the GM.

P.s. I don’t need the whole script to be accessible, just that one list of bools which i will get from an array of type where my class is a data holder (it has a Gameobject, int and 2 bools).

Thanks for any help

first, making the list static it is totally fine but only when making the list static makes sense, is the list dependant of the instance of the manager itself? or you want that list to get shared acrross all manager instances? if you want the list to get shared is totally fine to make it static. using the singleton pattern is a good option, specially if there will be only one instance of the manager class and only one, but abusing of singletons might impact the code structure later in the project. i imagine GM stands for gamemanager and manager is other type of manager class, if thats the case i would not create a singleton for each manager class but only one singleton (the GM) and reference to those scripts from the GM