"Size" for script components in scripts

This might be a dumb question but basically im making a dialogue system(im new to unity) and im making the script for it. I want there to be audio so you would hear the person talking then see a list of respones.
My problem is that in my script i have:
public AudioSource Line1;
public AudioSource Line2;
public AudioSource Line3;

But there wont always be the same number of lines,how do i set a “size” for the “Line” in script?
If you dont know what i mean its the same as when you go to an animation and you can type a number in “size” and that many empty animation slots will appear,I want that for my “Line” AudioSources.
Hope this was clear enough,If anyone knows this tellling me as soon as possible is appreciated!

If I understand your question right then here you go:

[SerializeField] private AudioSource[] m_yourAudioSource;

If you need more information or my understanding of your question is wrong, just comment here.

Cheers! Vince

you should use a list so you could remove lines in game:

[SerializeField] private List<AudioSource> m_yourAudioSource = new List<AudioSource>();