Sizes changing with diferent screen resolutions

Hi, I just started coding in Unity like 3 weeks ago and after seeing very tutorial’s and a intensive study I’m almost done with my first app (something really simple).

Yesterday, I exported it to my phone and I realized that the size of the sprites were all desorganized and different from what I saw on Unity. I never thought that it would be a problem but after spending all my day trying to solve this problem with a lot of research and anything seems to work, I’m honestly starting to panic because I spent a lot of time building this and I can’t really find a solution to handle the differente screen resolutions.

What I’ve tried:

  • The first thing I tried to do was put canvas with the Scale Mode: Scale with screen size and move my background image to inside the canvas. But doing that the prefabs I’m instatiating run-time won’t appear, and even doing this, some TEXT objects was changing position when I change screen resolution (as you can see in the pictures)

  • Change the ortographicSize of the Main Camera considiring the aspect ratio (I tried this with some code I saw on youtube and it seems to work) but then I realized that doing this only width or height would be adjusted, both at the same time seems impossible – (Adjust Camera to Multiple Resolutions - Unity - YouTube)

Please I really need help I don’t know what to do, I just need this final step to finish my first app in Unity.

I’m posting here some images, I just changed the screen resolution between the PrtScr’salt text

P.S. - I confess I’m scared that this is something really easy to resolve because I don’t find anything on the Internet about this topic

Hi! I have the same issue. Have you solved it yet? @BitoEngineer