Skateboard Tricks - Rotation Options?

I’m working on a very simple skateboarding prototype for the time being and I’m trying to get some very basic tricks working on the board itself. I’m still a bit new to Unity and the Quaternion class methods available, but I started out by using Slerp. However, it seems Slerp (and even Lerp) don’t really work the way they I need them to. For example: if I provide a target rotation of 360 on the Z (Flip Trick) seemingly nothing happens. I assume this is because Slerp isn’t trying to actually rotate the board 360 for me, rather it’s simply taking the shortest path to reach the target rotation of 360 (or 0), and since it starts out in that position it just effectively does nothing.

So I’m wondering if there might be a better function for me to use, or if I should just look into writing some sort of rotation/tween coroutine of my own to handle this. Thanks in advance for your input!

I have got your back as you have just started learning skateboarding. And you are working at making the tricks own as soon as possible. Let me tell you that I have 20 years of experience in skating. And helped many youngsters in making skateboarding and longboarding own physically. Now recently have tried to provide a free guide on skating play related to skateboarding problems.

What you need to do is, just learn firstly how to balance on the board while carving or turning the board at enough speed. Because it’s the first step toward a successful skater. Then you can move towards the manuals and ollies. Keep aside the flip tricks, 360, and Tre-tricks. learn the basics first.