Skeletal isn't showing up in the Unity Wrapper..HELP!!!(Kinect + Unity 3.3)

The drivers for kinect have been installed and its even getting detected by the computer, I have installed all the required OpenNI and NITE drivers.. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Avichal Singh

Game designer in process.

Have you actually used the kinect some way on the computer so that it definitely works?

And I couldn’t get that one to work either, but just to make sure your kinect+unity is working clone the following kinect+unity project and see if it works. If you just press play it won’t work, you need to double click the scene first.

To be specific for others who come:
1.) go to this link -
2.) there’s a repo link on the page you need to clone
( ← that’s it if you feel like skipping step 1
3.) I use git bash, so to clone it “$ git clone
4.) Open it up in Unity, it’s called “unity sample project”
5.) Double click the scene in “project” tab
6.) Click play, and you should see 2 guys on screen, callibration time

If it works then you’ve setup your drivers correctly