Skeleton dataset to animate Unity 3D character

I am totally new to Unity so please accept my apology for asking such simple question. I have tried search for answers on the web however I cannot find the correct answer.

Basically, I want to animate an 3D character that I downloaded from the Unity Asset Store using a set of x,y,z skeleton dataset, recorded from the Kinect over 15 joints.

Can please someone help me?

So if you are looking to create animation clips to animate your model in Mecanim you would need to apply that animation to a skeleton in a 3D/Animation package, then you can import it into Unity with the skeleton hierarchy and use Humanoid to re-target onto any of your humanoid characters. Unity does not have the capability to apply (and indeed clean up) animation data from Kinnect (or other arbritary data formats) to a model, except if they have been processed first into one of the supported import formats.

In short you would need to import your animation data into Motion Builder, Max, Maya or Blender for example and apply to a rigged model, then export the clips into Unity, preferably using FBX.

Alternatively if you are looking to animate an existing rigged model in realtime using the kinnect live, then you would need to find a plug in from the asset store or the web for such a purpose or have someone write some scripts/implementation for you in Unity.

If you are looking to bypass Unity’s animation system entirely and drive transforms using this data, then you’d need to research how to write such a script. Again you may wish to check the forums and post more details of what you are trying to achieve, but at the current time Unity doesn’t support this out of the box.

Hi, thanks you for your reply. I have the dataset stored in a text file already. The dataset has three rows: x,y,z and each columns have it owns value correspond to a join. E.g. should right: x = 0.8, y = 0.4, z = 0.1.

Base on what you can said, it is possible to write a script to read all of my existent transformation data and apply onto a rigged model. I don’t need to do this in realtime. I just want a rigged 3D model in Unity to be able to do an action base on a text file containing x,y,z values.