SKELETON KNIGHT with 44 ANIMATIONS available soon at 15 euros !!!

Hi folks ! here is the first asset of my "must have" game character list , there will be 3 different maps for the shield, 2 different maps for the other props.( and maybe a second map for skeleton : a more dirty one, of course are included the normal maps )

so about poly count :

skeleton 5492 polys
protection : 333 polys
helmet : 186 polys
shield (rondache) : 184 polys
sword : 152 polys
two-hande sword : 176 polys

The asset comes with 44 animations :
idle normal / idle protected / idle 2 handed / walk normal / walk 2 handed / walk protected / strafe L and R normal / strafe L and R protected / strafe L and R 2 handed / run normal / run 2 handed / get injured in the 4 directions normal / get injured in the 4 directions 2 handed / get projected in the 4 directions normal / get projected in the 4 directions 2 handed / jump normal / jump 2 handed / double jump normal / double jump 2 handed / forward roll normal / forward roll 2 handed / attack 1 , 2 and 3 normal / attack 1, 2 and 3 2 handed / 3 hit combo normal / 3 hit combo 2 handed.

i've split the skeleton into pieces to give some more props, spines, femur, skull etc ...( a femur can be used as a weapon to ...)

The skeleton knight is available at the price of 25 dollars.

You can test the character in a webplayer HERE

here is an in game video capture to give you an overview of the package

here are the animations :

your opinion is highly appreciated,

488373--17262--$skeleton knight_015.jpg
488373--17263--$skeleton knight_014.jpg
488373--20483--$skeleton knight capture 1.jpg
488373--20484--$skeleton knight capture 2.jpg

are all of the animations really necessary? I like it overall but I cant see what I would do with some of those animations.

[quote=“anon_11522785”, post:2, topic: 435307]
are all of the animations really necessary? I like it overall but I cant see what I would do with some of those animations.

Usually, there’s never enough. Looks really good.

I think RoyS is right there are never enough anims. This can really bring to life to a character or a project. But for users who don't need all the features just leave them and/ or don't trigger them. I think it's always better to have the possibility to trigger projections and so one, player can visualize damage he receives or give ( according to a powerfull attack etc....). I was thinking to give him another attack anim and its combo and maybe an "attack breacker" anim. i think there will be an update, with "barbarian" props : helmet with horns, double sided axe ( one hand and a two handed version).
Thanks for your critics ( which are still welcome )

These aren't bad animations but the spine feels really stiff and the timing is strange in some places like the the run and how quickly the feet move.

Cool shield though.

@TheLlama : Yep, you're right. i'm always improving my animations over time, these will be re touched in the future ( this actual state is efficient enough to my mind) but here it's not in my to do list for the moment ...
But maybe i didn't really understand what you meant ... Maybe you were talking about the fact i always leave 5 frames to separate my animations on the timeline which gives a strange effect indeed when going from the end of an animation to the biginning of the following one... But in any case as i've said below i'm always improving my animations ...

hi every body , i've just submitted the skeleton knight to the asset store. it's pending for validation. it will cost 20 dollars ( about 15 euros)
Hope this asset will be usefull in all your projects.
And next week i'll work on the second "must have " heroic fantasy asset.
thanks for your attention

Looks like a fun model -- keep us informed.

Great work rosor, looking forward to this.

@hans : thanks. I hope i'll resell some of this asset ( really need money to continue my own project, i have to buy some tool for facial animation and a kinect for motion capture but for the moment i'm on the doll ... ) this is really an asset i only created for the community, and i'll model some other during the few weeks to come ( if i see that my assets are welcome by the community otherwise i'll stop wasting my time for things that i don't need in my project)

@ all interested in this asset, here it is ! you can now enjoy this asset as much as you like. But i'm sorry for the price ( or there is a new currency between dollars and euros ...???) it has been raised to 19 euros .... which is a little bit more than 20 dollars or 15 euros as i wanted it to be. This was not my will, i hope it won't be too expensive for the community.
There is a little EULA that you should read before purchasing, i've put it on top of this Thread.
Thanks for your attention, and again : sorry for this raised price.

PS : please, if you use this asset i would really appreciate you post what you've done so far with it. thanks in advance.

Pricing is up to you Rosor! We only provide recommendations. It's a very fine piece of work and represents a lot of your time and talent. A bargain at the current pricing.



@caitlyn: thanks for answering me back. i don't believe i can eat with not enough sales .... i was really expecting an email where i would know if i continue or not working on creatures and here is the answer : NO. I'll just finish this dragon that nobody would care about ( " the problem is that i always finish the job i've been paid for " sentenza / the good, the bad and the ugly). and return to my own project that i imagine nobody would care about too... ( but here again : " bla, bla, bla " thanks sentenza, that's enough !! you can leave the place now !!)
edit : 3 mounths later, well i'm still creating assets... Lol !!!...

bump : asset now pending for review available at 25 dollars. Enjoy
Regards to all

bump : here it is ! skeleton knight is back for only 25 dollars !!

bump : just updated the first post with a new webplayer link and an in game video capture so that customer has a greater overview of the package. Some little improvments have been added (materials). An update will be submitted as soon as possible.
Regards to all

I think you should watch Jason and the Argonauts. The Ray Harryhausen style animation is actually perfect for skeletons. They jerk in menacing fashion when they move.

Here is a youtube clip:

Lots of fun. Your models brought back the films I watched as a kid!

@ hippocoder : Lol !!! Maybe i'll give this character some more moves in a future update if i get inspired by this video.

Animations are amazing. Wow.

I really wish I had these animations for my Michael 4 figure from DAZ.

Is there any way these animations would retarget nicely to another model?

@Skulltemp : Thanks for your comment, glad you appreciate these animations. I work with 3Ds max so i have my own .bip animations. I don't know your animation software ( if it's able to read .bip ). But anyway these animations are not to be sold for the moment....