SketchUp importing in 5.6

Apparently with 5.6 and 2017, SketchUp files can now be directly imported into Unity without the need for an external plug-in. Here’s what’s on the documentation site: [Unity - Manual: Importing Objects From SketchUp][1]
[1]: Unity - Manual: Importing Objects From SketchUp

When I import a file, the inspector shows everything you’d expect to see - some items specific to SketchUp, and some others identical to the general mesh importer. However, I can’t drag the file into the Hierarchy or the scene, and there’s no preview of the object in the inspector. In SketchUp, I’ve made some simple objects and set some up as groups, and others as components. Neither changes the outcome. I’ve tried this with SketchUp versions 2016 and 2017.

Wondering if anyone has any insights into what might be going on here. Thanks!

you have to save in sketchup 2015 format and then import to make it work.

@stef07 Thanks - that did it! Wish they’d point that out in the documentation…