Sketchup Importing

I have built several meshes in google sketchup, and I am interested in importing them into Unity. I tried the Lightup method, converting them into google pro files, but nothing allows me to import the meshes. Are there any other methods I should be aware of?

I would download Blender here. Then export them to Blender using the collada format. In Blender, your object should look the same with the exception that you will have to delete the flat person used for scale in Sketch up. Then in Blender, save your file into Unity or export it as an FBX to Unity. Don't forget to save the texture file while in Blender. It will export the UVs, but you have to go to the image editing view, find the drop down window selector, and choose the "UV/ Image Editor." The icon is a face. Select the object and hit tab to enter edit mode, if your image is not displayed, then it should appear. Then select image/save as and save the file in you assets folder.

This method will let you import into Unity with Unity's "preferred" file format, FBX.

If Blender does not work export it into a FBX format in google sketchup :)

I found a good solution--the link gives a download for a Sketchup plugin, which exports it to DXF or STL. The only problem is that so far I haven't found a way to include the colors from my models, but it works. Click Here for the Link

google skp to dxf convertor and download it, then follow the instructions it give you.
when your done you will be able to export google sketch up files to unity

Is there a way to export the models without using blender? Why cant they just be able to export it out as a FBX format? there should be an update like that, allowing it to be imported to unity. thanks for the help anyways :slight_smile: