Skin mesh model merge (iPhone and android)

I use Unity Pro Version 3.3 IOS Advance and Android Advance.

IPhone and Android are currently making games for both.

There are currently intensive Draw Call 90 times over.

Has become a bottleneck, Skin Model would draw.

Skin Model Our game needs to draw a lot.

Draw Call is needed to draw the 1 skin model 6 times.

I want to once.

“Static Batch” is, SkinModel does not seem supported.

“Dynamic Batch” There are too many to the number of vertices.

We have tried the following methods, Skin Model in the can seems.

Skin Model how to combine into one mesh, or else would not?

Other Draw Call if you’d like to know how to reduce.

Somebody help me appreciate so very much in need.

I consists of multiple materials SkinMesh DrawCall once I was able to think or draw.
Other Material Material only one left after I turned off,
When the MergeFlag Mesh.CombineMesh a “true” you, and one could well draw DrawCall.
My reason for failure as many of the Mesh, but the same parameters, ID was different was that the Material’ve set.
If the same parameters, automatic Merge and seems to have been mistaken for me.
To fuss.

Thank you. Resolved.

was just not up to merge flag.