Skin weights in build being set to 100 on single bones

The skin weights on my meshes look like they’re being set to “single bone” weighting. However in the editor that doesn’t happen. I went ahead and set every single quality level to 4 (and even unlimited) bones, but it’s still happening. I don’t know what else I can modify to fix this issue.



This is a bit of a sanity check answer but I’m posting it because I pulled my hair out over it about a month ago!

Are you definitely setting the bone counts on the same quality setting you’re building for? If you click the different quality setting labels you’ll see the settings change: Bones hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

I’ve discovered the cause of the problem was actually that building the game was failing to complete. So none of my changes to the settings were actually being presented in the build which was left over from some build attempt which didnt fail.

I have the same problem and i fixed it.

Go to Project Settings/ Quality and in top of the list you find Quality levels. In Default parameter select higher level then you already use as build target platform.