Skinned Mesh disappears if the camera is too close.

The point is that the skinned mesh’s bounding box does not move along with the animation. In the screenshot, you can see that during the animation, the bounding box is much higher than the hair model. This causes the hair to disappear in line of sight if the bounding box is off-screen.

I know that you can change the effect if you click “Update When Offscreen”, but this does not correct the cause of the problem and increases the load on the system.

I tested it on another model - from Mixamo Fuse. The hair bounding box moves with the head during the animation. Why doesn’t the model from Makehuman do this? Could it be animation retargeting? All bones are set correctly.

Human model from Makehuman, animation from the Mixamo website. The character rig is Humanoid and exported in T-pose. I tried to reset the scale of the root object and all meshes to 1 in the 3D editor before importing into Unity, but this does not affect anything. I don’t understand what’s the matter.

I have the same problem.

So, I have a game with several characters… and all of them work fine… Except one! That one if I get close, the air disappear, even her clothes!

Well, personally, I don’t mind. But my players surely will!

Did you find a solution?

Comment by @Lesnikus5 was correct.

Just resize the size of skinned mesh bounds to fit the new animations or positions of the mesh and it should work.