Skinned mesh not working in iOS

I would like to know how to fix skinned mesh issue please help me out.

Issue : Am using character animation in unity with skinned mesh its working fine in windows but if i take build in ios its not working. I have created this project in URP with AR foundation. I load skinned mesh object as asset bundle

Project details :
Unity version - 2019.4.15f1
Using ARfoundation - 4.1.1
Skinned mesh properties - find attachment
ipad iOS version - above 14
xcode version - 12.4alt text

@HnS_Alexa , Thank you very much, I was with this problem since yesterday, the solution by adding the empty with skinned mesh component work very well for me. You are my savior.

it is work when you are select the rig type Legacy…If the animation doesn’t work correctly when opened on iOS without any errors, you may need to review your bone hierarchy. iOS works according to a single skin tree.