Skinned Mesh Renderer materials rendering problem for far moving object


I have a 3ds max model imported into Unity3d 3.3 Pro using the .fbx exported file.
The model is skinned and has 2 materials. It has 1 animation.

During import Unity creates a Skinned Mesh Renderer, 2 materials, the shaders are of type diffuse. Everything is fine.

The problem:
I put it in a scene moving following a spline, with a main camera looking at it (smooth look at script). The camera is in a fixed position and very far with a field of view of 4 (very small).

At this point the model present the skin bleeding effect (the colour of the skin that should be hidden by the cloth is coming out instead creating a very noisy effect).

I don’t know what is wrong… I tried every sort of shader but when the model is near the camera this effect disappear… and the animation is perfect.

I have no hardware problem: ATI 5870, 8 GB, AMD X6…

The problem is cleared now.

I deleted the camera from the scene, then put another new one into it and the problem disappeared.

Before this I tried to copy the project, disable camera, disable all other objects. I don’t know why but there should be some data/metadata created by Unity under the hood and that were deleted only when I removed the entire camera game object.

Would be nice to know if someone has an idea of what happened.