SkinnedMeshRenderer missing bone

I’m importing an FBX from 3Ds Max that has two meshes sharing a single skeleton. The hierarchy looks like this:


   -> SkinnedMesh1

   -> SkinnedMesh2 

   -> SkeletonRoot

      --> bone1

         ---> etc...

When I bundle the fbx I create 3 separate bundles, one for each mesh and one for the skeleton. In 3Ds Max both meshes have ‘SkeletonRoot’ as the root bone, but when I’m looking through the bones array on the SkinnedMeshRenderer the first mesh will have ‘SkeletonRoot’ as the root node, but the second mesh will have ‘bone1’ as the root node with ‘SkeletonRoot’ missing completely. I believe that it is because of that that the second mesh won’t animate when I import the bundles and create the GameObjects.

I’m doing this with several other FBXs imported from 3Ds Max with no issues, any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks!

Fixed the problem by adding weight and a animation key to the root bone for the 2nd mesh. Seems that the FBX import/export process leaves out unused bones, even if they’re important to the hierarchy.