Skinning inconsistencies between 3ds max and Unity

I'm creating a character in 3ds max 2011 with body and facial animation and exporting it to Unity 3. It almost works but when it comes to the facial animation I notice some inconsistencies and it doesn't look quite as good in Unity.

I have set the animation compression in Unity to off.

In 3ds max I'm using a biped combined with some dummies for the facial animation. I tested that the biped is not the problem by exporting it to fbx and importing it into 3ds max where it works correctly. I also imported the fbx into Unity but that looks exactly the same as if I import the 3ds max file.

I'm thinking that skinning to dummy objects could be what gives me problems but it seems to work perfectly in other areas of the face.

alt text

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.

Best regards Martin

Looks like a problem of Blend Weights! Go to Edit > Project Settings > Quality, then in the current Quality Settings, change Blend Weights to "Four Bones". I'm pretty sure this will fix it.

Blend Weights are nothing more than the number of bone weights that can be assigned to a single vertex. One or two Blend Weights can be enough for low-poly models or machinery rigging, but when it comes to detailed animations, four Blend Weights are required to show animations correctly. Obviously, the more the Blend Weights, the more the game performance decreases.