Skip Integration Tutorial

I'm creating a new Unity Analytics project to capture our production metrics (to separate it from our development environment where we also test new metrics).

I wasn't able to find a way to skip the initial integration tutorial, which "should" be unnecessary as we've already tested our client side metric calls against our development project.

Is there a way to skip it? Its not doing any particular harm as I can still see the project token, but it would be nice to see the project view analytics upon choosing the project.

You can click on Step 5 and go straight to validation. As long as the app is validating, everything else should work.

Though note that it will still take a few hours before results will appear in your charts.

So you have to validate the project at least once? And there's no way to skip it?
Guess I'll need to wait for our release or prep the project with a call. Thanks for confirming!

I'm not quite sure how you mean "I'll need to wait for our release or prep the project with a call." Mostly, people validate their apps from within Unity.

I'll be swapping the project token out for production. So I'll do a quick validation before release. Thanks.